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Client: Rever Offshore | Sector: Offshore/Subsea


Combining engineering solutions, technology, marine vessels and equipment, Rever Offshore is an industry leader in Subsea construction, saturation diving, IRM (Inspection Repair & Maintenance), decommissioning and well plug and abandonment in the world’s most hostile environment.

The Challenge


Rever Offshore engaged Skapandi to design and manufacture a neutrally buoyant ROV frame; capable of mounting a host of client supplied subsea inspection equipment whilst operating at a depth rating of 600 metres subsea. The small footprint of the frame, in to which the third party equipment must be mounted whilst maintaining a neutrally buoyant solution, were the main challenges to be addressed by our design proposal.

The Solution

In Detail

Combing many years of experience in the subsea sector; Skapandi initial area to address was maintaining subsea buoyancy neutrality. Once all weights in air of the equipment were known we set about calculating the subsea volumetric displacement in order to determine how much additional buoyancy would be required. By manufacturing the frame from polyethylene the 100kg (air weight) bare frame gave a subsea weight close to zero. From then on we concentrated on efficient equipment placement ensuring an equal distribution of the load over the frame.

The Result


Upon the successful completion of manufacture, assembly and load testing, the final frame was delivered to the client in Aberdeen. Taken offshore three months later, the equipment performed as expected in the harsh environment of the North Sea. This new asset has given Rever Offshore the capability to extend their survey and inspection ability to smaller more cost efficient ROV’s allowing them to become more competitive in their own business sector.

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